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#3230 Maxi Griddle
#3535 Double Reversible
#3540 Ribbed Double Burner
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#3560 Double Reversible
#4240 Double Burner
#6050 Ulimate Griddle
#6275 Sunrise Red
#6375 Global Gold
#2123 Griddle Grill with Grill Press

Model 6040 Side-by-Side Grill/Griddle


This non-stick, two-burner griddle turns ordinary rangetops into a complete meal preparation center. It combines a ribbed grilling surface with a standard, smooth griddle on the same side. Now you can cook both ways at the same time. Crafted of the finest heavy hand cast aluminum for superior heat conductivity. Finished with a premium, long-lasting non-stick surface for fat-free cooking, quick clean-up and durability. This griddle works equally well on either gas or electric stove tops.


Attractive, functional design

• Unique combination of grill and griddle on same side.
• Integral handles make storage easy.
• Rounded corners clean up quickly.
• Grease wells channel fats and oils away from food.
• Thaws frozen foods better than defrosting trays.
• Care & Use instructions included.
• 10 3⁄4" x 20"/23.3cm x 50.8cm.
• 10-year warranty.